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“Learning drums is easy with Dan and he is willing to teach anything I’m interested in and explains things clearly so I pick them up quickly”
R. Malpas
“Our son enjoys his lessons and has progressed well. I would highly recommend Dan as a highly skilled teacher, being patient and encouraging not to mention adept at drumming”
Daniel Hurst teaches drums to a diverse range of children at our school and they love it! Every week the children bring their drum sticks to school and can’t wait to get in to their lesson and learn a new beat from Mr Hurst. The enthusiasm I see in these children’s eyes is astounding and they often want to use the music room during break/lunch times to practice their drum skills. I would recommend beginning drum lessons to other schools/individuals as I feel this instrument really inspires children…especially the ones I didn’t think were musical! Daniel is a fantastic drum teacher who is honest, reliable and inspiring to all he teaches”
G Li, Music co-ordinator
“My 10 year old son Paul has been having lessons with Dan for just over a year. He started knowing nothing and can now read music and can play the drums very well unaided. Paul speaks very highly of Dan and looks forward to his weekly lesson”
D Scott
“Our 9 year old son has enjoyed drum tuition with Dan since Spring 2008. Dan adjusts the pace and style of tuition according to Sam’s needs and therefore keeps the learning enjoyable, but covers a wide range of novice rhythms”
Mr and Mrs Adams, Wrotham
“Dan has been teaching my son for almost 2 years and he has come along very well. He is a pleasant person to chat to and definitely knows what he is talking about when it comes to drumming. My son tells me how Dan helps him to understand beats, by talking through them with him and then giving him a demonstration on how it is done and starts off at a speed that is easy to manage, but so my son won’t get tired of the same thing after a little while they try something else. My son has learnt a variety of things such as what notes are, rock beats and fills, jazz beats double beats, paradiddles and much more”
I. Hodson
“My 8 year old daughter has been learning to play the drums with Dan since November 2008. She loves her lessons and is making excellent progress. We are pleased with Dan’s approach and easy manner”
R Kite
“Dan began teaching at The Grammar School for Girls Wilmington in January 2009.In the time that he has been with the school the number of students having drum lessons has increased significantly.
Dan has an excellent relationship with his students; they enjoy the lessons and make very good progress. He is a very conscientious, enthusiastic, teacher who is totally reliable and who is always prepared to be flexible and adapt to the school timetable.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Dan to anyone who wishes to have drum lessons”
F R Roddy
Head of Music
“My eight year old son Oliver has been having drum lessons with Dan for about four months and has made brilliant progress. Dan has all the qualities of a superb tutor and is extremely patient and encouraging! Oliver really looks forward to his lessons, which I think says it all.”
S Bruce
“My 5 1/2 year old son has been interested in the drums since he was 2 and so I was very pleased that Dan agreed to teach him back in November 2009. Dan devised a teaching plan that is accessible for my son’s age range and he enjoys Dan’s teaching approach. My son especially favours the ‘jammin’ session that Dan does along with him at the end of the lesson to encourage his freestyle, and more importantly add the ‘fun’ element that most children in this age group would need to keep focus to the lesson. Dan is accomodating, courteous and my son and I would recommend him to other children who are looking for a drumming teacher for this age group.”
K. Solly
“Dan is running a popular after-school djembe drum club at Langafel. The girls and boys are keen participants and look forward eagerly to their weekly session. These have brightened the dark evenings immensely for us all!”
Julie Kirby, Music Co ordinator
“My 14 year old son Jack has been progressing well and thoroughly enjoys his lessons. Dan is an excellent tutor and I would highly recommend him to anyone wishing to play the drums.”
P Cottrell Gravesend
“Dan Hurst has been running his drumming group at Northfleet School for Girls since September 2009, and in that time he has truly motivated and inspired all who have attended. With his patient and friendly approach, he has been an absolute joy to work with. Thanks Dan!”
Mrs B King, Music Co ordinator
Amy has been having lessons with Dan for a couple of months and is really enjoying them. Despite the short time in which she has been taking lessons, Amy has already learnt lots of different things and has made excellent progress. Dan is a very patient teacher and gives Amy plenty of encouragement, which boosts her confidence. Amy always looks forward to her lessons and can’t wait to get her own drum kit! I would recommend Dan to anyone wishing to learn to play the drums. Many thanks!
Mrs L Brook
“Dan has taught me since I started learning the drums about a year ago. In this time he has been patient and supportive of my efforts. I enjoy the lessons a lot and I would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn the drums.”
“My five year old son has been having drum lessons with Dan since January 2011. He had been keen to learn drums from a young age and it was difficult finding a teacher willing to take him on so young.  Fortunately we found Dan who was more than happy to give him lessons, and who has been fantastic at adapting the pace and content of each session to the needs of my son.  We were keen for our son to have lessons in order to help boost his self-confidence, which he struggles with at school.  Dan is incredibly patient and encouraging with our son, who has benefited hugely from their sessions together already. I would highly recommend Dan as a drum teacher.”
G Ikediashi
“Dan’s teaching is first class – for any age who wants to be drummer!”
Ian Turnnidge
“My son’s drumming has progressed very quickly with Daniel’s guidance. His drum lessons are engaging, fun and interactive musically as he uses musical accompaniment as part of the learning process.”
Len Trusty
“I’ve been having lessons with Dan for 5 months now and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every one. I’ve found Dan to be a great teacher, very patient and encouraging. His easy teaching manor is relaxed and informative. I would recommend Dan to anyone of any age wanting to try the drums.
P.S. He can play the drums pretty well too!”
“I enjoy learning at his classes. As well as learning drums we have little chats to have a break which is very nice. I have learnt alot more than i have with other tutors plus he is very calm an collective. ”
“I would highly reccommend Dan as a drumming teacher, I was trying to teach myself to play from books but it was not until I started to have regular lessons with Dan that I really started to develop my skills and improve my drumming.  I am now confident that I can become a great drummer with Dan’s help.”
Mark Powell
“At fifty years young I am probably one of Dan’s more mature students! I can’t read music and I have never really played a musical instrument in my life. Drum lessons with Dan are fun and I have the bug bad enough to get my own kit. Dan explains things really well and although I will never be a rock star I enjoy my lessons and Dan’s easy manner has encouraged me to carry on and try. In fact I
view Dan’s drum lessons as essential therapy. So if you are thinking about being the next Cozy Powell give Dan a ring. You won’t regret it.”
Amanda Cooper
“I can highly recommend Dan – I look forward to every lesson.” 
Brian Page

“Dan Hurst has been teaching my son to play the drums for around a year, he is a wonderful teacher with a fantastic approach, my son plays all kinds of rythms and rolls, and sounds great, he’s only 8 and can play along to pretty much all kinds of music, including funk, jazz and rock…he has helped my son in so many ways, his confidence has rocketed due to his lessons too, he entered a talent show and won, and has also entertained his school for his head mistress’ retirement assembly, the teachers and pupils loved it, and this is all thanks to Dan Hurst and his laid back but direct approach to teaching the kids, they all seem to love him, for this, thanks so much.”



“My daughter who is 9 years old have been having lessons with Dan since Sept 2011. I have noticed my daughter responds well to Dan’s chilled out approach. Dan is a encouraging tutor who works well with his pupil, taking the lesson at a suitable pace, also is very patient. This manner have enable my daughter’s confidence to grow and she thoroughly enjoys her drumming lessons with Dan. “



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